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I'm Jennifer, a PhD researcher at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.

I’m interested in architecture within the complex environmental issues we are facing in light of the climate crisis. 

I have a graduate degree in Architecture from the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, where I currently lead classes in architectural theory, philosophy, and in the broader field of the environmental humanities. 

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I am a PhD Candidate at the Chair of Theory and History of Modern Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, at the Bauhaus-University Weimar in Germany. My research explores utopian thinking in the era of the Post-Anthropocene. Drawing on a wide range of theories from ecocriticism, philosophy, and architectural theory, I am tracing realities beyond human exceptionalism.

Since 10|2020, my aim – or my response to former anthropocentrisms – is to develop a feminist theory of the architectural body. I am a Doctoral Scholar of the ‚Studienstiftung‘, the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, which provides academic and financial support for my research. In 09-12|2022, I stayed at the University of Melbourne (Melbourne Graduate School of Design) for a research visit under supervision of Prof. Dr. Hélène Frichot. 

I am member of the fieldstations association and co-organizer of the Educational Platform, a collection of architectural pedagogies concerning the (Post-)Anthropocene.

Since completing my Master’s degree in Architecture in 2017, I have taught at all levels of architectural education at the Technical University of Nuremberg, leading classes in architectural theory, philosophy, and in the broader field of the environmental humanities. With a focus on post-anthropocentric perspectives on architecture, I am currently establishing an experimental teaching practice called ‚Plural Realities‘, which aims to expand object-based approaches to architecture. Prior to my research studies, I have worked in several architectural offices in Germany and on independent projects as a freelancer.