Plural Realities:

measurement (n.)

early 14c., mesuren, „to exercise moderation;“ mid-14c., „to deal out or divide up by measure,“ also „to ascertain spatial dimensions, quantity, or capacity of by comparison with a standard;“ from Old French mesurer „measure; moderate, curb“ (12c.), from Late Latin mensurare „to measure,“ from Latin mensura „a measuring, a measurement; thing to measure by,“. Online Etymology Dictionary

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1. von räumlich Ausgedehntem: etw. genau (und vollständig) abmessen, ausmessen von komplexen, vor allem sozialen oder psychischen Gegebenheiten: etw. durch Erhebung von Daten untersuchen, es genau, insbesondere zahlenmäßig, erfassen bzw. beschreiben
2. anmaßend, überheblich


überheblich, arrogant

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From Le Corbusier’s Modulor to the Neufert, the human scale has been an integral part – an unquestioned rule – of architectural measurement systems. However, environmental debates are increasingly considering other ways of thinking in order to move away from architectural anthropocentrism – be it the dominance of human belief systems or the increasing impact of architecture on our ecosystems. The aim is to question these seemingly undisputed rules in order to be able to develop and foreground alternatives to the anthropocentric perspective on our environment.

The aim of this seminar was to condense the spectrum of perspectives on our environment by rethinking and playfully developing architectural systems of measurement and, in doing so, actively question the previous, human-centred conception of architecture. After discussing readings such as Beatrix Colomina ’s and Marc Wigley’s ‚Are We Human?‘, David Gissen’s ‚Subnature‘, Juhani Pallasmaa’s ‚The Embodied Image‘ and Paul Preciado’s ‚The Male Electronic Boudoir‘, the students concentrated on realising their own project, together with a short essay.

This seminar took place in the summer semester 2023 in the Master’s (1-3) at THN. Image on the right: ‚Norm und Abweichung.‘ Katharina Jungwirth, Aileen Wala

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Student Projects

Katharina Jungwirth, Aileen Wala

Maximilian Kohl, Nathanael Rings

Mia Weidmann, Laura Gschwender

Alina Albrecht, Nina Gerstenlauer