Scientific Research

Researching, critically reflecting, focusing, formulating – scientific work as a methodology consists of different acts and their own specific techniques. The seminar ‚Scientific Research‘ we will dedicate ourselves to the basics of scientific work step by step in order to then be able to write an accompanying scientific paper with reference to the Master’s project. The length of the papers was approximately 25 pages. 

I have been teaching the Scientific Research seminar irregularly between 2018 and 2022 in the Master’s at THN. The module was later reconceptualised as ‚Scientific Techniques‘ due to a new examination regulation, within which I now teach the seminar series ‚Plural Realities‘.


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Student Projects

Anne Götz, Anastasiia Stiekhina, 2022
Link to issuu

Mareen Priebe, Lukas Flohrer, 2022

Evelyn Reinke, Carmen Selaru, 2022
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Hannes Köhnlein, 2022
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Martin Wagner, Luka Schöttner, Alina Tietz, 2022
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Sandra Rost
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Lara Vollert, Lea Körber, 2022

Vanessa van Zoest, 2021

Benedikt Zarschizky, Dominic Weinstein, Laura Oberst, 2019

Tina Zahl, Christian Bayerer, 2019

Simone Baiz, Vanessa Raab, 2018

Marius Sperger, Lukas Sippl, Alexis Lode, 2018